Selecting Bathroom and Kitchen Tile 101

Bathroom and Kitchen TileAre you planning an exciting renovation project for your home this summer? Maybe you’re finally going to renovate your bathroom or design the kitchen of your dreams? Whether you have a bathroom or kitchen update in the works, it’s likely you’ll be selecting new tile for your space. Unfortunately, picking the right bathroom and kitchen tile can be a more difficult task than expected. With so many materials, shapes, and colors to choose from, narrowing down your selection(s) can be time-consuming and frustrating. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind while discussing tile options with your contractor.

1. Pinpoint a Single Element You Like

One of the best ways to begin any home remodeling project is to identify a single element you simply can’t live without. When it comes to bathroom and kitchen tile, this will likely be a color or shape that you love. Once you’ve found your “one piece,” the rest of the tile design will generally fall into place. Continue Reading →

4 Reasons Homeowners Prefer Granite Countertops

granite countertopsIf you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom update in which you’ll be replacing the cabinets, you’ve probably already realized there are many, many different countertop options. With so many materials to choose from, including laminate, marble, and tile, it can be difficult to know which will suit you and your home best. One of the most popular materials among homeowners is granite. Here are four reasons to talk to your contractor about choosing granite countertops in your bathroom or kitchen remodel right away.

1. Aesthetically Pleasing

It almost goes without saying that granite is one of the prettiest materials available to homeowners. If you want to live in a home that feels luxurious as well as impress your guests, granite is an excellent countertop material to consider. Continue Reading →

Why You Need Custom Cabinets in Your Home

Custom cabinetsNow that the holiday rush is over, it’s the perfect time to start putting your focus back on your house. If you’re planning to update your bathroom or kitchen anytime soon, don’t settle for having stock cabinets installed; talk to your contractor about custom cabinets instead. While stock cabinets may be cheaper, this is once instance when you absolutely get what you pay for. Not sure if custom cabinets are right for you? Here are three great reasons you absolutely need custom cabinets in your home.

1. Will Last Longer

There’s no doubt about it, custom cabinets will absolutely last longer than stock cabinets. This is because custom cabinets are tailor made, on the spot, to fit your kitchen or bathroom. Stock cabinets, on the other hand, are constructed in warehouses and then cut to “fit” your home later. Continue Reading →

4 Reasons to Consider Hardwood Flooring

hardwood flooringHave you been wanting to redo the floors in your home? If you plan to install new flooring, make sure you consider the many benefits hardwood provides. Many homeowners worry that hardwood flooring requires too much attention, but hardwood isn’t really that difficult to maintain. In fact, any reliable contractor will tell you that there are far more benefits to installing hardwood flooring than there are drawbacks. Here are four great reasons you need hardwood flooring in your home.

1. Hardwood Makes a Statement

No other flooring material is quite as visually impressive as hardwood. If you’re looking to impress your friends, family, and guests, hardwood flooring is absolutely the way to go.

2. Hardwood is Highly Durable

One of the best things about hardwood flooring is that it is highly durable. While sitting water can be problematic, if properly maintained, hardwood floors can last years and years. Continue Reading →

How to Pick the Perfect Bathroom Colors

Pick the Right Bathroom ColorsAre you planning to redo your bathroom this winter? It’s the perfect time to start a project, especially if you’re hoping to impress your houseguests this holiday season! If you’re ready to get your project started, one decision you’ll need to make concerns which bathroom colors you want. Your contractor can help create the perfect design for your space, but it’s a good idea to have your color pallet selected from the start. This will help your contractor select the right materials and hardware to match. Here are three great tips to help guarantee you’ll pick the colors that are right for you and your home!

1. Use Three Colors…

When designing your bathroom, it’s a good idea to pick just three primary colors. Shoot for one neutral color, one rich color, and one accent color.

2. Three Ways…

Three really is the magic number when it comes to home design and décor. Not only do you want to pick three colors for your new bathroom, but you’ll want to use each of the three different ways. Think flooring, tile, décor, walls, trim, towels, and even lighting! Continue Reading →

How to Select Cabinet Hardware

Remember the Cabinet HardwareIf you’ve been planning a kitchen or bathroom update, you’ve probably got your hands full selecting materials, colors, and so much more. With so much going on, it is easy to overlook the simple necessities, such as cabinet hardware. Did you know you can specifically select the knobs and pull handles which will fit your home and your personal style? Cabinet hardware may seem insignificant, but these items will significantly influence the appearance of your space. There are, however, an enormous number of options available; so you can easily become overwhelmed. To help make your decision a little simpler, here are three cabinet hardware selection tips to keep in mind before finalizing arrangements with your contractor.

1. Start with Your Cabinets

Your cabinets will tell you a lot about what your cabinet hardware should look like. Use them as a starting point when making your selections. While the hardware you choose can certainly add contrast, don’t let your love for the whimsical stray too far from the natural beauty of the cabinets themselves.

2. Add a Dash of Character

There’s more to cabinet knobs and drawer pulls than just functionality. You should choose hardware items that fit your personal design style as well. Simple can be beautiful and elegant, but don’t shy away from funky and fresh if it matches your kitchen design. Continue Reading →

4 Exciting Kitchen Color Ideas

Kitchen Color in Your Home | DreamMaker Bath & KitchenAre you planning a kitchen update this fall? If so, it’s likely you’ve already spent some time thinking about your design. But have you picked out your new kitchen colors yet? Houses are often physical representations of their owners, so this project deserves more than a quick and bland paintjob. Your kitchen is one of the most used and frequently seen spaces in your home. Therefore it’s important to take a little extra time figuring out the best way to show off your personal style. To help get your creative juices flowing, here are four exciting kitchen color ideas to consider mentioning to your contractor.

1. Red / White

Looking for a color combination that screams sophistication? Using white and red in your kitchen can add instant style to your space. The right shade of red can also be used to add an element of warmth.

2. Black / Blue

You have probably seen blue used in kitchen designs before. It’s a popular pick for homeowners. You don’t usually see blue paired with black very often, however. Not only is this combination appealing, but it can have a soothing affect as well. Continue Reading →

How to Hire the Best Home Contractor

How to Hire the Best Home ContractorDoes your house need a kitchen makeover or a bathroom overhaul? Maybe you’re looking to expand your home or repurpose an already present space? Whatever your latest project is, you’ll need a reliable contractor to make it a reality. If you’ve never had work done on your home before, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are four steps you can take to find a reliable contractor for your home project.

1. Ask for Referrals

Whether it’s a large renovation project, such as adding a new room, or something smaller, like a bathroom makeover, someone you know is sure to have had work done on their home at some point. Ask around with friends and family to learn from their experiences with contractors in your area.

2. Do Some Digging

Even if you get a long list of recommendations from people you know, you’ll still want to do some research of your own. Visit contractor websites, look at services offered, and compare prices. Once you’ve exhausted your online information, consider calling your top choices to discuss the project more directly. Continue Reading →

Warm and cozy home

Luxury-Kitchen-Designs-DreamMaker-Bath-and-Kitchen-Schaumburg-Kitchens-Showroom-Model-Kitchen-02The days are getting cooler outside, so it is time to warm up the inside of your home for fall.

Just as we dress ourselves we can add layers to rooms to add color and warmth.

Your color inspiration will come from the outdoors.

Nature’s palette of colors are used, golden leaves, mocha acorns, and orange pumpkins, to set the mood on tabletops, mantels and other spaces within your room. Other splashes of earthy colors, such as eggplant purple and rust leaves, in table runners, pillows and throws, can give your home warmth for the chilly months.

Here are some additional autumn-inspired ideas:

  • Add cozy wool and chenille throws. New takes on old classics like updated plaids and a Pendleton wool throw will add texture.
  • Change out summer-themed objects with fall accessories, such as ceramic bowls or vases, bronze candle holders and vine pumpkins. Owl shapes are very popular this year.
  •  Decorate tables and mantels with nature’s bounty. Use acorns, walnuts, pine cones, miniature squash and pumpkins in your glass vases or ceramic bowls. Hunt in your yard for fallen tree branches, paint them bronze or deep purple and use in an arrangement. Groupings should be in an odd number of vases and in different heights.
  • If bringing in new colors to your room is not to your liking, look for accessories in a deeper, darker shade of existing accent colors.
  • Stack miniature pumpkins or gourds on plates or trays to dress up a dining-room table.
  • Place an area rug with deeper autumn hues by the front entry.
  • Set a variety of mums in multiple colors on the front steps to add a burst of color. By sticking branches or pussy willows in pots adds a little spice to them.
  • To get ready for the chilly nights arrange your furniture around the fireplace.

Have fun with nature and throw caution to the wind!

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3 Cabinet Designs You’ll Love

Three Cabinet Ideas You’ll LoveAre you planning to do a kitchen update or bathroom makeover in your home anytime soon? If so, you’ve probably already given some thought to what kind of cabinets you plan to install. It’s important that you pick something that is functional for your space, but also suits your personal style. With so many options to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to know what will work best. Here are three great cabinet design ideas to help get you started!

Cabinet Design Idea #1 – Bold Colored Cabinets

When remodeling your home, color is always a prominent consideration. It’s likely you’ve already selected a favorite accent color for decorative purposes. Consider incorporating it into your cabinet designs. Doing this may seem too bold for some, but it can make an incredible statement in your kitchen or bathroom. Continue Reading →